Mastering Birth Control

          When Marcus and I started having sex, I did not know anything about anything. He had a teenage brother whom had fathered a child in which his mother was not happy. He made sure he was not going to add to their mother’s unhappiness. The first couple of times we had intercourse he did not know that it was suppose to go “in” and so we humped until we got tired and that was it. Months later when we came together again, it was obvious he’d done his homework. When it was time for him to release, rather than doing so he jumped up at the precise moment like a perfect athlete and allowed his drippings to fall on the floor instead of inside of me. He knew sperm falling inside equaled the possibility of a baby. That is how we prevented, he actually prevented parenthood during our first year of intercourse. During Biology class my sophomore year of high school we were required to take Sex Education. Since I was indulging, the birth control method I paid attention to most was the Rhythm Method which required me to keep up with my menstrual cycle. I preferred that rather than swallowing birth control pills which turned out had/have many horror stories attached. I kept a calendar and told him when he could absolutely not release inside of me. At first he seemed skeptical and did not voluntarily release responsibility of pregnancy prevention. His ego was so inflated I think he thought because he was so attractive that I wanted to have his baby which was the last thing on my mind in the 10th grade. Once he realized how serious I was at keeping up with the “NO RELEASE DAYS” on my calendar, he finally believed that I too was not interested in becoming a teenage mom. He got to the place where he’d simply ask “Is it time?” If I said yes he’d resort back to his perfect athletic jump and if I said “no” he’d just lay there and let it all fall inside. We were both super careful. He used a condom a few times but he really enjoyed the natural feeling.


Young girls, if you are going to be hard headed and not wait until you get married, please do yourself a favor and learn about the Rhythm Method of birth control so that you do not have a child before you have a husband. On top of that, make him wrap it up. Not a good idea to be a parent at a young age. It is safe, natural and healthier than other birth control methods in the end. It is doable. Learn and master it. If you get pregnant, you are the one whose freedom is going to be lost—not his. Educate him how to use a Condom if he don’t know. That way you will be doubly protected.



How to Use the Rhythm Method for Birth Control?


Rhythm Method is a natural family planning method for birth control This method is often called as “Calendar method”. Same as any other natural planning methods, this way of pregnancy protection is based on fertility awareness. A woman should perfectly know her menstrual cycles, which consist of fertile and infertile days for the use of this method.