Teenage Sex/Romance

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is something guys/girls start thinking about once they get to Jr. High or High school. Seeing everyone else seemingly interested in the opposite sex somehow translates to feeling the need for one as well. Peer pressure in mid and high school almost begins immediately. Fantasizing definitely sets in along with […]


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ vir·gin [ˈvərjən] NOUN virgins (plural noun) a person who has never had sexual intercourse. synonyms: chaste woman/man · celibate · ingénue · maiden · maid · vestal   (the Virgin) the mother of Jesus; the Virgin Mary. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           Being a virgin is not really […]

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs)

          Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), are generally acquired by sexual contact. The organisms that cause sexually transmitted diseases may pass from person to person in blood, semen, or vaginal and other bodily fluids. Sometimes these infections can be transmitted nonsexually, such as from mother to infant […]

Mastering Birth Control

          When Marcus and I started having sex, I did not know anything about anything. He had a teenage brother whom had fathered a child in which his mother was not happy. He made sure he was not going to add to their mother’s unhappiness. The first couple of times […]

Date Rape

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~             Unfortunately, date rape has been around for a very long time but many young naive teenagers may not be aware of it’s existence. Sharon was date raped by a young punk who pretended they were going to the movies. As soon as they turned the corner his […]